Angelcare AC201

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Movement and Sound Monitor Sweet Angel and Clouds Design
Baby movement & sound monitoring system AC201

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Why this monitor?

The beautifully designed AC201 Movement and Sound Monitor is an adorable addition to any baby décor. It combines a crystal-clear sound monitor and highly sensitive movement detector in a single system that lets you listen for baby’s cries and alerts you within 20 seconds if no movement is detected in your little sweetheart’s crib.



Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad – Senses each and every one of your baby's movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. So you and baby can sleep tight.*

Audio "Tic" Feature – Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Adjustable sensitivity – Allows you to select your desired movement sensitivity level.

Nursery Unit operates on AC adapter or backup batteries – Nursery Unit operates on AC adapter or backup batteries. What happens if there’s a power outage while the family is sleeping? No worries. The Nursery Unit will switch over to battery mode. The battery option is also great for travel.

Low Battery Indicator

Portable Parent Unit – Battery operated means it’s portable. The AC adaptor means you always have a solution should your batteries start running low.

*Note: The Sensor Pad can be used with a regulatory standard baby mattress, whatever the size or thickness. However, it cannot be used with memory foam mattresses, dual sided, mattresses with a hollow frame or Purflo mattresses.

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