Angelcare AC401 Deluxe

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Baby Movement Sensor Capteur mouvement de bébé
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Why this monitor?

This Deluxe system is the upgraded version of our ever-popular Angelcare AC401 baby movement & sound monitor. It comes with 1 Sensor Pad movement detector and 2 state-of-the-art Parent Units for added reassurance that baby is sleeping safely – reassurance that lets mom and dad get a good night’s sleep too. Also features an easy locator.



Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad – Senses each and every one of your baby's movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. So you and baby can sleep tight.

Two Portable Parent Units – If you are like most moms and dads, you take advantage of the moments baby is sleeping to get things done around your home. With this system, you can both carry a Parent Unit from room to room for peace of mind whatever you are doing.

Full Colour Digital Display – See it all at a glance. The easy-to-read screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays nursery room temperature and Sound Lights, as well as your various settings. Very convenient.

Temperature Display and Control – The greatest concern for moms and dads is baby’s safety, sleeping alone in the nursery. Is baby comfortable? Is the room too warm or too cold? Your Angelcare® AC401 Deluxe baby monitor displays the temperature in baby’s room on the Parent Unit and alerts you if it is too high or too low.

Audio "Tic" Feature – Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Nursery Night Light – A gentle little glow to guide you when you walk into baby’s room.

Crystal Clear Transmission – This system operates on the 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

Out-of-Range Indicator – Up to 250 meters/820 ft. (open field); between 80 meters/262 ft. and 100 meters/328 ft. (indoor).

Sound Lights – So you can see and hear the sounds baby makes.

Batteries or Mains Operated – The battery option makes this system ideal for travel. Then, when you are at home, you can use the AC adapter to save your batteries for when you need them.

Low Battery Indicator – The low-battery indicator on the front of the monitor lets you know when it's time to change the batteries. Plus, the system will alert you when the Parent Unit is too far away from the Nursery Unit to transmit your baby’s sounds and movements to your Parent Unit.

Volume Control & Vibration Alert – Shhhh – it’s quiet time. Keep your Parent Unit close by and on vibration mode* anytime the sound of the alarm might be disruptive. Certain models only.

Adjustable Sensitivity – Allows you to select your desired movement sensitivity level.

Parent Unit Locator – The Parent Unit may be small but you’ll be able to find it quickly with the push of a button.

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I would recommend this to anyone!

Jessica from US - 2014-03-09

This monitor brought me so much peace as a new mom - I never had the "moment of panic" when my baby slept through the night because I always knew he was okay. We did have several false alarms when my son would curl into the corner of the bed but I would take a thousand of them for even one instance where it truly worked. When he was about a year old, it alarmed and I found him with his blanket wrapped around his neck so snugly that I had to lift him to untangle it. This monitor saved my baby and can't even think about what would have happened without it. We kept in on when he moved to a toddler bed so that we would know when he got up. He only ever attempted to get up during the night once (and immediately scrambled back to bed once the alarm sounded)! Our batteries and monitor display went out after two years but customer service was excellent and they replaced them without any hassle. They shipped them to us at no charge within a few days and the second set has worked perfectly.